“Irrelevant of any outcome…make sure the effort is always consistent.”

Cooper Tyrone , MYNE Group Education Founder


We’re just regular guys from all different proffessional backgrounds. We didn’t grow up wealthy or have family teaching us about financial education.

Like many, we had the desire to learn and provide a better life for our families. The MYNE GROUP specializes in the benefits of investing. With the proper financial education anyone is capable of having great success.

We appreciate the expressed interest in the Myne Group educational resources. We look forward to helping you create wealth and financial freedom.


The MYNE Group specializes in education on the benefits of trading stock “options”. So, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and curated some of the most in depth training resources available. All the latest tips and information needed to get started trading stock options. During the process what we discovered was that you don’t need years of training to be successful on the stock market. Within 30 days you can start making huge returns by using our proven strategies. 

You’ll be blown away when you dive into our courses and realize how easy it is to get started making income from trading stock options.  

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Cooper Tyrone

Chief Executive Officer
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Garrett Cunningham

Marketing and Business Development
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Dunshae Taylor

Chief Educator
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Jeffrey Hayes

Senior Advisor